Prestige Triple Glazed Window Range

U Value as Low as 0.75 W/msqk 

• Passive Standard SW17 Nordic design for zero energy homes
• Outward opening window,s
• Slim profiles with excellent energy efficiency and broad view. • Triple glazing
• Two sash gaskets
• U-value Uw = 0,75 Wm/²K is achieved.

Passive Ultra Window Range Timber & Aluclad Windows.

Outward Opening Passive Certified Windows Value as low as 0.6 w/msqk. 

• Passive House Approved
• Triple Rebated Design
• 8 Point Secure Locking System • 50mm Glass Thickness
• Outward opening
• U-value Uw = 0,06 Wm/²K

Inward Opening Tilt & Turn Timber & Aluclad Range

Double and Triple Glazed European Inward Opening Tilt and Turn Windows 

• Profiles thickness of 78 mm
• Glass Units thickness from 28 mm to 52 mm
• Two lines of sealing gaskets
• Various forms of internal decoration are possible
• Uw up to 0.8 W/m²K


Scandinavian Window Range Timber & Aluclad Windows.

Doule Glazed Timber & Aluclad Windows

Suitable for modern design homes, extensions
and refurbishment projects. 

U Value 1.2 W/MsqK. 

Avangard Glass Window Range

Superior Quadrupole Glass Window System
U Value 0.5 W/Msqk

• Frame – 73 mm thick profiles
• Sash – 78 mm thick profiles
• Units inside sash – 80 mm in thickness, double-glazed units can consist of four glasses
• Three lines of sealing gaskets
• External frame and sash are coated with glass in one plane
• Uw up to 0.5 W/m²K

Aluclad Curtain Walling Solutions.

Large Curtain Walling Glazing available
in Aluclad.


The Wall House

Niall Smith Architects

The design challenge was to achieve large expanses of glazing with sliding door solutions, low u values and ultra secure windows.

The Passive Ultra+ Window and Door Range was used with u value 0.78 w/msqk with triple rebated seals and 8 point locking in a outward opening window. The sliding doors were 5.9m*2.8m high. Modern design, secure living with warm space areas. 

Poject Gallery

Adare Manor - Limerick

Traditionel Windows and Doors

Aluclad Windows

Kingscourt Co Cavan

Passive Ultra Windows

Aluclad Windows and Sliding Doors

Aluclad Curtain Walling Solutions.

Glass House Solutions 

Passive Ultra+ Aluclad


Eastern European Avanguard Windows

Lift and Slide Doors

South Dublin

Replacement Windows & Doors

Cross Hevan Cork.

New Build


Blackrock Co Louth

New Build

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