Schuco Lift-And-Slide Doors ASS 70 HI

Highly thermally insulated sliding and lift-and-slide system with industry leading watertightness, outstanding sound insulation and new Schueco SmartStop / Schueco SmartClose comfort technology as an option.

Designed with high-end residential homes and commercial buildings in mind, this aluminium sliding system has one of the largest sizes, smoothest opening, and slimmest sightlines currently on the market.

As each of the panels can be 3m wide and high, ASS 70.HI can deliver very impressive door sizes, especially with a triple track outer frame. All sliding leaves run on one level, so no space gets wasted.

Schuco ASS 70.HI is available in two variants: standard and the extra slim (with 48 mm interlock!), with two ways of operating: slide or lift & slide for larger door sizes. With large panes of glass, Schuco ASS 70 HI sliding doors operate in lift and slide variant, so by turning the handle you can effortlessly lift the patio door panel and glide it smoothly.

As the outer frame can be concealed within the building fabric, Schuco ASS 70 HI can be easily distinguished by its minimal profile face widths to provide a truly flush floor finish that architects and their clients love.

Based on single, double and triple-track outer frames, Schueco ASS 70.HI creates large opening widths with outstanding user comfort – perfect for use as a high-quality system solution in commercial projects and luxury residential properties.

Optionally equipped with the new comfort technology Schueco SmartStop and Schueco SmartClose, Schueco ASS 70.HI ensures that the moving vent can be operated easily and securely.

Customer-rolled profiles for high degree of flexibility in large commercial projects.


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